IRS Tax Relief - Can I Stop the IRS?

Q. Can You Stop the IRS and Can You Stop an IRS Levy?

A. Yes, you can have an IRS Levy stopped and released.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will have your IRS Wage Levy stopped and released in 1 Day/24 Hours. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has never failed at having an IRS Wage Garnishment stopped and removed.

If you have an IRS levy on your Bank account or Brokerage account, that can be problematic but not insurmountable. Go to our website for information regarding an IRS Bank Levy.

The Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. 

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An IRS levy refers to the actual seizing of property which could be your paycheck, Social Security or Social Security Disability (SSDI). So how can you stop an IRS levy?

Flat Fee tax Service uses it's knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code to your benefit. If you have an IRS Levy it is because the IRS has assessed your back tax debt and taken steps to seize and collect funds from you. Flat Fee Tax Service will have your IRS Wage Levy stopped and released.

You do not have to suffer from an IRS Wage Levy. 

Don't let an IRS Final Notice prevent you from exercising your rights.

IRS Final Notice

Now, once the IRS Wage levy is stopped, you still need to resolve your assessed back tax debt. Stopping the IRS Wage Levy is only the 1st step in reducing and resolving your tax liability.

You may have unfiled tax returns. You cannot settle your tax debt until you are compliant. That means that your tax returns must be filed. The IRS will not even entertain a payment with you if you have unfiled tax returns.

Once you become compliant (have your back tax returns filed), you are eligible to have your back tax debt settled through the IRS Offer in Compromise program. 

If you are not qualified for an IRS Settlement via the IRS Offer in Compromise program, you may be able to reduce and/or eliminate the penalties and interest that have accumulated. If you have a "reasonable cause" for having your tax problem, a petition to have the penalties and interest reduced and eliminated is available to you via an IRS Penalty Abatement. A "reasonable cause" could be a divorce, medical issues, substance abuse, loss of income, bad tax advice, etc. There are many "reasonable cause" actions.

Q. How to Pursue an Offer in Compromise? It is really advantageous to have an experienced IRS lawyer help you with the submission of your IRS Settlement via the IRS Offer in Compromise program. One of the reasons why there are not more Offers accepted is because many people try to do them on their own. The IRS has strict guidelines and is always looking to have an Offer in Compromise deemed "non-processable". That means that the IRS "kicks out the Offer" and as you start all over again. The IRS will keep "kicking out" your Offer until you give up unless you "do it right". Remember this, the IRS is a collection agency and their function is to collect money. The IRS was not created to give you advice on how to reduce or settle your back tax debt.

Offer in Compromise: Instead of paying the full amount of your back tax debt (especially if you are nowhere near being able to afford it), you can make an Offer in Compromise, proposing a payment to the IRS instead of the full amount of your tax liability. Along with the promise to pay the compromise amount of tax, you would also promise to file your taxes on time and pay your taxes on time for a period of 5 years. If the proposal is well crafted (again, talk to an experienced tax attorney) and the amount of the Offer is correct, you can pay back the settled amount in installments.

Flat Fee Tax Service has put together an IRS Tax resolution package that fits the average person who has an IRS problem. 

Flat Fee Tax Service Tax Plan 1 - Full Tax Service - $2050.00 

1. IRS Levy Removal  / IRS Wage Levy Release in 1 Day,
2. IRS Settlement - Offer in Compromise or IRS Penalty Abatement and,
3. up to 3 years of tax returns (unfiled tax returns).
4. $290.00 to start & 10 monthly payments of $170.00 ($1990.00 total)

FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE: Fair & Reasonable

FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE: Our fees are lower because we do not pay commissions to salespeople and we do not run expensive television ads. Most of our clients are by referral from our satisfied clients. 

• Lower fees and higher value
• Accredited by the Better Business Bureau - A Plus Rating
• Integrity, credibility & results
• No Salesman - No Pressure

• Fixed with no hidden charges
• Payable in monthly installments
• Low initial payment to begin work
• Always competitive 

Good People - Doing Great Work

Flat Fee Tax Service offers a free consultation and evaluation of your back tax problem. We will provide you with our best advice. Flat Fee Tax Service does not employ salespeople. Flat Fee Tax Service has never had a client complaint and will not accept a case when we cannot be a benefit to our client.

The Flat Fee Tax Service 

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  1. If you have an IRS Levy, contact Flat Fee tax Service and save your paycheck. Don't suffer with an IRS Levy.


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