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IRS OFFER in COMPROMISE: FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE has affordable IRS Tax Relief Packages beginning at $1990.00 which includes the release of an IRS Wage Garnishment, an IRS Offer in Compromise or IRS Penalty Abatement and 3 years of Tax Filings. You need to be qualified and eligible for an IRS Settlement through the IRS Offer in Compromise program.
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Below is some information regarding the IRS Offer in Compromise program.

IRS SETTLEMENT: The IRS offers several programs to taxpayers with past-due federal income tax liabilities. The purpose of these various programs is to offer different ways for taxpayers to resolve their back tax liabilities based on their unique financial situation. Perhaps the best known of these IRS Settlement programs is the IRS Offer in Compromise (“OIC”). The IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) is one of the most popular tax resolution programs offered by the IRS. Because of a large number of settlements offered through the IRS Offer in Compromise program that is received annually, the IRS has taken actions to streamline the Offer in Compromise (OIC) process as much as possible.

The first major step was to consolidate most IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) processing operations in two locations, or Centralized Offer in Compromise Units. These units are located in Memphis, TN and Brookhaven, NY.

The next major action was to consolidate and standardize the Offer in Compromise (OIC) process. When you submit an Offer in Compromise (OIC), the IRS will first verify that your Offer in Compromise is “processable.” The IRS will be relentlessly looking at rejecting your Offer. In order for an Offer in Compromise (OIC) to be processable, the following conditions must be met:

1.   The taxpayer making the application must have filed all past-due tax returns;
2.   The taxpayer cannot be actively involved in a bankruptcy proceeding; and,
3.   The taxpayer must have included a $150 processing fee, or completed and qualified for a hardship waiver of the processing fee;
4.   The taxpayer must have included the initial payment fee, or completed and qualified for a hardship waiver of the initial payment fee; and,
5.   The taxpayer cannot be actively involved in an audit.

If the Offer in Compromise is not processable, the Offer in Compromise will be returned without further consideration. If the fee was submitted with the Offer in Compromise (OIC), it will be returned. 

No matter what the IRS claims, the IRS is trying to collect as much money as possible. If the IRS can find any reason to reject your Offer in Compromise, the IRS will. If you miss a deadline of 1 day, the IRS will reject your Offer in Compromise as non-processable. If you fail to dot an "i" or cross a "t", the IRS will kick out your Offer in Compromise.

IRS Tax Relief

The next stage is referred to as the Offer in Compromise verification. During the offer verification, the IRS will examine the financial information the taxpayer provided in your IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) application. The IRS will also look at any supporting documentation provided with the Offer in Compromise (OIC). If the IRS determines that they need additional documentation to support claims of income, expenses or equity on the application, they will send the taxpayer an Offer Verification Letter. This letter will request the specific, necessary documentation. The IRS will give you, the taxpayer, several weeks to provide this information. If all of the information is not provided, or if it is not sent timely, the IRS will return your Offer in Compromise without further consideration. If your Offer in Compromise is returned at this stage, the processing fee will not be refunded. Furthermore, the taxpayer does not have the right to appeal the return. Normally, the only recourse is to resubmit the Offer in Compromise (OIC) with an additional $150 processing fee.


In the next stage, the IRS will perform the actual substantive analysis of the taxpayer’s financial information. The IRS will look at all of the information provided to determine the taxpayer’s reasonable collection potential. As a result of this analysis, several things could occur. The IRS may accept the OIC as originally submitted. They could also send a letter containing a summary of the collection potential analysis. The taxpayer is then allowed to respond to the analysis with documentation or arguments disputing the IRS analysis. The taxpayer may also accept the analysis and agree to increase their offer to the amount indicated in the analysis letter.

The IRS also has the ability to reject your Offer in Compromise when the original analysis is completed. If this occurs, and the taxpayer does not agree with the IRS analysis, the only option is to file an appeal. At the appeals stage, the taxpayer is given the opportunity to submit additional documentation and arguments in support of their offer. 

If you cannot pay the IRS your back tax debt, you have some choices to make. You can go it alone and hope that you don't get "bogged down" with paperwork or you can have an experienced Tax Attorney handle your IRS Settlement through the Offer in Compromise program. The IRS would prefer that you do it yourself and fail.

IRS Tax Relief Consultation

I am Dave Rosa, the V.P. of Client Relations at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. I will be conducting your free and confidential consultation. It is my duty to you, as well as Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., to provide you with an honest and straightforward evaluation of your IRS problem. We do not employ salesmen. All of our clients are experiencing difficult financial times. With that in mind, we strive to keep our costs as low as possible so that we may pass those savings on to our clients. Our IRS tax relief team is always a positive benefit to our clients.

• Lower fees and higher value always
• Personal service and attention always
• Integrity and credibility always
• IRS Wage Levy Release in 1 to 2 Days

• Fixed with no hidden charges
• Payable in monthly installments
• Low initial payment to begin work
• Always affordable, flexible & no salesmen

Flat Fee Tax Service IRS Settlement Plan 1 - Tax Relief Service - $1990.00 
1. IRS Wage Levy / IRS Garnishment Release,
2. IRS Settlement - Offer in Compromise or IRS Penalty Abatement and,
3. up to 3 years of tax returns (unfiled tax returns).
4. $290.00 retainer & 10 monthly payments of $170.00 ($1990.00 total)

FLAT FEE TAX RELIEF SERVICE, INC. keeps its fees low by not wasting your money on commissions to salespeople. We, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., keep your fees affordable and fair. Almost all of our clients are referred by our satisfied clients.


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