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IRS LETTERS & NOTICES: Do not be frightened and afraid to open any correspondence from the IRS. This information is brought to you by Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.. We are Flat Fee Tax Relief Service that is the nation's leader in having an IRS Wage Levy stopped and released in 1 day/24 hours. That's a guarantee.

The Federal Government (states as well) is broke. As the legislators argue over tax cuts and spending, the IRS continues to do what "they do" best. The IRS is filing Tax Liens and executing IRS Wage Levies / IRS Garnishment (s) at record highs.

The IRS is not "warmer and fuzzier". The IRS is the worlds most powerful collection agency with broad powers to collect money.

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The IRS has a series of letters and notices that are sent at different intervals. Each letter ratchets up the level of urgency regarding your IRS tax liability. Each IRS Notice has counter actions. 


If you have been sent certified mail from the IRS, be sure to contact Flat Fee Tax Service. Do not waive your rights due to your inaction. 

IRS Tax Debt

1. IRS Notice CP-501 - is a reminder that a tax obligation is due and owing to IRS. It is the initial billing notice. It is a reminder that you owe the IRS a back tax debt and that further action could take place.

2. IRS Notice CP 503 - notifies the taxpayer that immediate action is required on behalf of the taxpayer. This is the 2nd IRS Notice. It notifies you that the back tax owed is still pending.

3. IRS Notice CP- 504 (“Urgent”) -
Final Notice - Balance Due. The IRS “intends to levy on certain assets” (IRS Wage Levy / IRS Bank Levy) not long after issuing an IRS Notice CP-504. The taxpayer is requested to "Respond Now". If you do not respond to this notice you can expect a wage levy, bank levy or a federal tax lien filing.

4. IRS Notice CP-297 or a CP-90 -
“Final Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing.” The IRS Notice CP-297 ( IRS Notice CP-90 ) is the last chance you have before a federal tax levy (IRS Wage Levy / IRS Bank Levy) and federal tax liens are filed and federal action is taken. You have 30 days before action will be taken.

IRS Final Notice

5. IRS Notice CP-298 or IRS Notice CP-91 - is the
“Final Notice before Levy on Social Security Benefits.” Your Social Security Benefits are being placed in IRS levy mode because of an unpaid tax liability. The CP-91 notifies you that the IRS intends on taking 15% of your Social Security check. The next step is an IRS Wage Levy / IRS Garnishment or IRS Bank Levy.

PLEASE NOTE: The IRS is not limited to 15% of your Social Security. There is what is called "Manual Levy". A Manual Levy can take your entire wage, paycheck, Social Security (including Disability/SSDI). For more information on an IRS Manual Levy, visit our Website.

If you are receiving Notices from the IRS, you may not be opening them or picking them up at the Post Office. You do not have to be frightened by these Notices. You have Rights. There are protections. 

Should you decide to ignore these Notices from the IRS, you should expect your wages, your paycheck, your Social Security check and/or your bank account to be levied by the IRS.

Take action to protect your rights.

We, at Flat Fee tax Service, have proven, through the years, our value to our clients. 

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Flat Fee Tax Relief does not waste your precious fees on sales people who command 20 to 25% commissions. Flat Fee Tax Resolution does not waste your valuable fees on expensive TV ads. Most of our clients are referred to us by our very satisfied clients.

Flat Fee Tax Service Tax Plan 1 - Full Tax Relief Help - $1990.00 

1. IRS Wage Levy / IRS Garnishment Release in 1 day/24 hours, 
2. IRS Settlement - Offer in Compromise or IRS Penalty Abatement and,
3. up to 3 years of tax returns (unfiled tax returns).
4. $290.00 initial retainer & 10 monthly payments of $170.00 ($1990.00 total)

FLAT FEE TAX SERVICE, INC.: Fair & Reasonable

If you have received any of the IRS letters and Notices listed above, contact Flat Fee Tax Service. 

Do give up your Rights because of inaction on your part.

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  1. The purpose of an IRS Notice is to motivate you to pay your tax liability. Don't be afraid to open mail from the IRS. There are actions that can be taken to protect you.


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