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Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will have your IRS Levy on your paycheck, wages, Social Security or Disability (SSDI) stopped and released today. Flat Fee Tax Service has never failed to have an IRS Wage Levy removed.

This article is aimed at giving you some information regarding the IRS and their power to seize your paycheck, your wages, your Social Security or Disability (SSDI) through the IRS' power to Levy.

Many factors will go into having an IRS Levy stopped and removed:
  • How much is the back tax debt owed to the IRS?
  • Do you owe more than $25,000.00?
  • Do you have delinquent tax returns that have been unfiled?
  • Have you previously defaulted on an Installment Agreement?
  • Has a Revenue Officer been assigned to your case?
  • Are you eligible and qualified for an Offer in Compromise?
  • Should you be classified as Currently not Collectible?
  • Can your back tax liability be reduced by Penalty Abatement due to "reasonable cause"?
Each of these factors plays a part in stopping your IRS Levy and resolving your tax debt so that you can get a fresh start.

As soon as you have been levied by the IRS or threatened with a Levy, your best course of action is to seek professional assistance immediately. 

IRS Levy: There are two types of IRS Levy. You can end up with a bank levy or a wage levy [garnishment of a paycheck, wages or Social Security, Disability (SSDI)] which are used by the IRS. You should not try and deal with this matter alone because you do not have a working knowledge of the tax code and you have no experience with the IRS collection division. 

In most cases, the IRS has gone years waiting for you to address this liability. This problem did not happen "overnight". The IRS has sent Notices to you and, in all honesty, you knew that you owed a back tax debt. The IRS, after a period of time, has chosen not to wait any longer to get what they believe is due to them. 

If your bank account has been served with an IRS Levy, the bank is obligated (by law) to “freeze” your money for 20 days (includes Saturday, Sunday and holidays) before turning it over to the IRS on day 21 and you will not be able to touch your money during this time. You do not have any time to waste. 

IRS Tax Debt

It is best to stop the IRS bank levy within the 20-day window because it becomes more difficult to get your money released or returned afterward. There are many factors involved in getting all or a portion of your money back. Getting your money returned from a bank levy requires more than 1 phone call. If you are attempting to stop the bank levy on your own, we wish you good luck.

If your wages, paycheck, Social Security or Disability (SSDI) benefit has been levied, your employer is only allowed to give you a small percentage of your take-home pay until the levy is released or the debt paid. You will still have taxes taken out of your check. You will still have all of your normal deductions taken from your wage/paycheck plus the IRS Levy.

IRS Garnishment


How can Flat Fee Tax Service have your IRS Wage Levy stopped and released in 1 day/24 hours?

As soon as a new client, who has an IRS Levy, either faxes or emails back the IRS Form 2848 (Power of Attorney) to us, Flat Fee Tax Service will immediately fax that document to the IRS which allows us to speak to the IRS on your behalf. Also, we are immediately contacting the IRS. Time is not a luxury. You need your paycheck now.

During our initial and extensive consultation with our client, we will have the necessary facts to move forward and successfully stop and remove the IRS Wage Levy. It is important that our clients be honest during our initial consultation so that we have a "game plan" before we call the IRS. It is OK if you did not know all of the facts regarding your back tax debt. Give us the facts, as best that you know them.

In order to stop an IRS levy, you will need to provide us with all the information regarding your tax debt and your present financial circumstances during our initial confidential consultation. Once we have the facts, we’ll explain your options and move quickly toward a resolution. These may include a payment agreement with reasonable payments, an offer in compromise where you can settle your account for a fraction of what you owe or if you can’t make payments at all without it causing a hardship; getting your account classified as currently not collectible. The Flat Fee Tax Service team has been working on cases just like yours for more many years.

Flat Fee tax Service has helped many troubled taxpayers for over the years. Our clients have had just about every tax problem that you could imagine. It doesn't matter to us at, Flat Fee Tax Relief if you have delinquent / unfiled tax returns or that you owe more than $25,000.00, we will resolve your tax problem. 

Most often, Flat Fee Tax relief can have the IRS Wage levy, that is causing you undue hardship, stopped and removed in a matter of a few hours.

An IRS Levy on your wages, paycheck, Social Security or Disability (SSDI) is considered to be "continuous" which means that it will only be stopped if you pay your back tax debt in full or have the Levy released.

Once your Levy has been stopped and released, you will still have an IRS back tax debt that needs to be resolved. Stopping the Levy is only the 1st step in getting you a fresh start.

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Flat Fee Tax Relief keeps our fees low, fair and reasonable because we do not employ sales people who will take 20 to 25% of your precious retainer fees. Flat Fee Tax Relief also does not spend money on expensive television ads. Most of our new clients are referred to us by our very satisfied clients.

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  1. A back tax debt liability owed to the IRS will have you facing an IRS Levy. You can have an IRS Levy stopped and released in 1 day. You do not have to suffer and have your paycheck seized.


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