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In respect to the IRS, the correct term for asset seizure is a Levy. For our purposes, a garnishment and a levy are the same thing. The terms are used interchangeably in respect to the seizure of assets by the IRS.

Assets subject to a wage garnishment or levy

An IRS levy or wage garnishment are enforced collections of money owed. A wage garnishment or levy may be against any asset. In the enforcement of tax collections, bank accounts, accrued salaries, wages, Social Security, Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Veteran's pension are the most common targets for an IRS levy or garnishment; nevertheless, the term may be applied to the legal seizure of any asset including furniture and fixtures, machinery, autos and boats or any other assets that could be garnished. Your tools for the trade are protected from garnishments up to a value of $3,390. (If you own cows or chickens you can keep up to $6,780 in value). As you can see, the IRS will not leave you with much.

Your bank account is a prime target 
for an IRS gar

An IRS wage garnishment / wage levy is continuous and stays in effect until the tax is paid in full or until the IRS agrees to release the levy.

IRS Final Notice

An IRS Wage garnishment is a horrendous tax problem 
and requires immediate action

The threat of wage garnishment is to be taken very seriously.

There are several reasons why the IRS or a state would seize your assets through an IRS garnishment or Levy.

Either you have not paid an outstanding tax obligation, you have not filed all your tax returns or you What can you do if the IRS imposes a garnishment / levy on your bank accounts or your wages?

IRS Tax Relief Help

The first step you should take when you receive an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of Your Right to a Hearing (CP 90, CP 91, CP 297, Letter 1058, LT11) is to contact us at Flat Fee Tax Service.

We will contact the IRS immediately to obtain its records of taxes owed and returns required to be filed and income records of W2's and 1099's filed in your name. The next thing is to file any delinquent tax returns. But you must file all required returns. You must be Compliant.

Then you are in a position to determine your true tax liability for all years, at which point you have five alternatives for getting a levy / wage garnishment stopped and released:

1. Pay the tax immediately; 
2. Enter into an Installment Agreement with the IRS; (have a professional negotiate this)
3. Submit an Offer in Compromise; (this will stop all collection activity as well as settle your tax liability with the IRS)
4. Get placed in Currently not Collectible status or; (you will not pay and the Statute of Limitations continues)
5. or, enter bankruptcy.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. may have you enter into an Installment Agreement to begin with while we gather information for your IRS settlement through the expanded IRS Fresh Start Offer in Compromise program.

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can help get your IRS levy / wage garnishment released in 1 Day/24 Hours

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While we have attempted here to explain, clearly and concisely, the wage levy or wage garnishment process, we cannot set out all the finer points here. Flat Fee Tax Service is known as the nationwide leader in stopping and removing an IRS levy /garni
IRS Tax Relief Consultations
shment. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. specializes in this area of tax administration and we encourage you to email us or call us at our toll free number for a free consultation on your IRS garnishment / levy I am Dave Rosa, the V. P. of Client Relations at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. I will be conducting our consultation with you and determining what course of action will resolve your IRS problems efficiently. I will also explain, in detail, our procedures and what you can expect from us should you decide to become our client. Should I determine that we cannot be of benefit to you, I will explain why this is so and give you our best advice at that point. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. does not employ salespeople. We strive to keep our costs as low as possible so that we can pass those savings on to our clients. We at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. want happy clients that have their IRS problems resolved and behind them. Our fees are clearly posted on our website at: for all to view, including our competitors.

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  1. If you have received certified mail from the IRS, or any of these letters, CP 90, CP 91, CP 297, Letter 1058, CP 504 or LT 11, contact us at Flat Fee Tax Service to find out what your options are.


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