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An IRS Levy

Because of the Following:

SFR's - Substitute for Returns - If you have not filed your tax returns, the IRS will create a tax assessment called a Substitute for Return (SFR). The creating of an Substitute for Return (SFR) allows the IRS to create a tax debt which in turn allows the IRS to levy on the assessed amount.

When the IRS creates a Substitute for Return it will reflect the federal government's self interest and not the interest of the taxpayer.

There will be:
  • an overstatement of taxes, penalties and interest owed.
  • only standard deductions and one (1) personal exemption allowed.
  • no credit given for deductions as well as exemptions that you may legitimately claim such as children, interest and home or business tax credits.
Our clients typically contact us because they are facing an IRS Wage Levy due to delinquent, unfiled tax returns. Clients, who typically come to us at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., that have had the IRS create a tax liability through the use of a Substitute of Return (SFR) are stuck with tax liabilities that probably wouldn't be owed if they had not had the IRS complete their tax returns. Not only are these clients paying more taxes due plus penalties and interest for failing to file but due to their failure to file, the IRS will not release a levy without expert 3rd party tax representation.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will have your IRS levy stopped and released as well as save you time and money regarding any delinquent tax returns you may have.

TAX LEVY - IRS Levy - A Levy by the IRS is an actual seizure action taken by the IRS during their enforcement and collection of a back tax debt. An IRS levy is usually due to non communication by the taxpayer as well as the failure to file tax returns by a taxpayer. A taxpayer who has an IRS wage levy (668-W) because of a tax debt due to unfiled tax returns will never have the levy released through their own efforts. You will need the expertise of a 3rd party (IRS Tax Attorney) to have the levy stopped and released.

2 KINDS OF LEVIES - IRS Bank Levy & IRS Wage Levy -

IRS Bank Levy - When a taxpayer has a levy on their bank by the IRS, it is considered to be a "one (1) shot" levy. It is for one (1) day and the IRS will seize the amount that sits in your bank account at the precise moment that the bank receives the levy. In that day, the bank is required to remove the seized funds from the taxpayer's bank account and the bank is instructed to forward the seized funds to the IRS in 21 days. If, after the IRS levy and seizure, a remaining balance is owed for back taxes, the IRS will issue another levy and the entire process repeats itself until the tax liability is paid in full.

IRS Wage Levy / IRS Wage Garnishment - Just so you know, the IRS does not use the word "garnishment" at all. The term used by the IRS for seizure of assets is a levy. In the case of an IRS levy on your wages, the IRS will send your employer a 668-W which is an order to levy your paycheck. A 668-W levy is continuous which means that it only needs to be executed once. A wage levy will stay in place and will take your hard earned money until your tax debt is paid in full, you quit your job and take off or you have the IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. have your levy stopped and released.

An IRS wage levy will be brutal and the IRS will leave you without enough money to pay your rent, your car and barely enough to eat. The IRS wage levy is designed to not only take your money and pay your back tax debt, but, the IRS wage levy is meant to bring you to your knees financially and you will in turn agree to any Installment Agreement that the IRS dictates to you. There are many factors that go into an IRS Installment Agreement. It isn't as simple as you may think. Have an experienced professional negotiate with the IRS.



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I am Dave Rosa, the V.P. of Client Relations at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. where we provide our clients with affordable IRS help. The simple positive action of getting help for your IRS problem by an experienced IRS tax relief team who will file accurate tax returns that will replace the delinquent substitute for returns created by the IRS will allay the the fears of a distressed, struggling taxpayer and and will result in having our client having their rights restored and a lowering of their back tax liability. 




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  1. Do you have delinquent, missing tax returns? If you do, the IRS will create a Substitute for Return which is not a tax return but a tax assessment. You will be levied. Contact Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. for your confidential consultation.
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