Flat Fee Tax Service is Your IRS Tax Advocate for Immediate IRS Tax Relief

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., acting as your tax advocate, will help take away you fear and anxiety. You will never have to speak with the IRS. As your IRS tax resolution representative, our IRS Tax Attorneys know all of the settlement and closing techniques available to resolve your IRS problem.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is affordable to all, credible and trusted. The IRS Tax Attorneys handling your case are experienced as the work with the enforcement division of the IRS on a daily basis.

When choosing your IRS tax advocate, it is of paramount importance that you make a thoughtful and diligent decision. With so many IRS tax resolution firms advertising on the internet, on television or on the radio, is it any wonder that you, the struggling taxpayer, would be confused when it comes to picking out your IRS tax advocate.

Below are some important tips when selecting your tax advocate:

  • Will your case be handled by an experienced IRS Tax Attorney?
  • Will your IRS tax relief team have your IRS Wage Levy released in one (1) day?
  • During your initial interview / consultation, did anyone try and "close" you but insisting on getting your credit or debit card information. If so, the person who spoke to you was more concerned about a commission than they were concerned about resolving your IRS problem.
  • Is the tax advocate firm you are selecting Accredited by the Better Business Bureau?
Be informed as of "right now" that many of the so called "tax resolution firms found on the internet or web that claim to offer tax advocate help that can provide a taxpayer with immediate IRS tax relief are "splash pages." Let us explain what a "splash page" is. A "splash page" is an internet site set up to gather names and information to be sold as sales leads. These sales leads are sold to the highest bidder and will be sold more than once.

You are best served by going straight to the source. Consult with an IRS tax resolution firm that has a track record of achievement. Consult with a tax advocate that has been vetted by the Better Business Bureau. You want your private information to be held in strict confidence. You do not want your private information to be sold and re-sold.

Why choose the affordable IRS relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.:
  1. Guided by our Christian Values and Principles - this means we are straight shooters who have an impeccable reputation.
  2. The tax advocates at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will take your worry and anxiety away.
  3. Our IRS tax relief team will get you the best settlement possible.
  4. Our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys work with the enforcement division of the IRS on a daily basis. We know all of the collection tactics, tax policies, tax procedures and tax settlement strategies to successfully settle your case as quickly as possible.
  5. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. "invented" the concept of charging a "flat fee" for IRS tax help work. We were the very 1st and now more and more tax resolution companies are copying what we started.
  6. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has always made our IRS tax services affordable and we were the 1st tax resolution company to place our fees on the front page of our website.
  7. We are the first (1st) tax resolution company to state that a taxpayer should have an IRS wage levy stopped and released in one (1) day.
The tax advocate team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will get you IRS tax relief starting today. As your tax advocate, your Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. attorney will make sure that you never have to speak to IRS. We will file the IRS 2848 Form (Power of Attorney) immediately and proceed to provide you with an IRS tax settlement starting the same day we are retained. 

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. - Areas of Professional IRS Tax Relief Help:
  1.  Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. offers same day IRS representation.
  2. Offer in Compromise - The IRS has expanded their settlement program which they call "the Fresh Start Program." Do not be left out. Take advantage of the IRS and settle with the IRS for less. Not everyone is eligible for an IRS tax debt settlement, but if your are, a struggling taxpayer needs to jump at this opportunity.
  3. Stop an IRS levy today - Immediate release of IRS bank levies, IRS wage levies and IRS wage garnishments. The tax advocate team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can have your IRS levy stopped and released in one (1) day. Often, we can have the IRS Release (IRS Form 668-D) in the hands of your payroll person within hours of becoming our client.
  4. Tax relief from an IRS letter or Notice of Intent to Levy.
  5. Currently not Collectible - Your tax advocate team will have appropriate clients placed in a hardship status. If you are unable to pay the IRS anything, you may be declared to be Currently not Collectible due to financial hardship.
  6. IRS Installment Agreement - Your IRS Tax Attorney will negotiate your IRS payment plan, Installment Agreement or structured payment agreement. Before you agree to pay the IRS anything, you need to be sure that IRS tax debt has been negotiated to the lowest amount possible.
  7. IRS Penalty Abatement - Due to reasonable cause, the severe penalties that have been added to your base tax debt may be removed or abated.
  8. Your delinquent and unfiled tax returns will be prepared and filed. The tax advocate team that is working on your case will be sure to make you compliant. Your tax returns can be reconstructed should you have tax records that have been lost or destroyed.

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IRS Consultations

I am Dave Rosa, the V.P. of Client Relations at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. We take great pride in our work at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. which provides affordable IRS tax advocate work to struggling taxpayers. For your free and confidential consultation, call us.



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