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Get Your Tax Levy Released Now Today

Bank and Wage Garnishments Released

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Has the IRS Placed a Tax Levy on Your Bank Account?

Has the IRS Filed a Wage Garnishment on your Paycheck?

Have the IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. stop your IRS levy today. Our IRS Tax Attorneys will settle your IRS case. Get a fresh start for yourself and be worry free.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is affordable, credible and trustworthy. Our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys know all of the techniques to have your IRS levy stopped and released today. Save your paycheck, your Social Security or Veteran's pension and settle with the IRS.


The IRS will levy taxes and enforce the tax laws when they file a Notice of Levy at your bank (IRS 668 A) and/or at your employer seizing your paycheck (668 W) should you fail to act after receiving IRS Notice 1058. IRS Notice 1058 is the Final Notice or letter sent before the IRS enforcement action takes place.


How Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Can have Your Notice of Bank Levy and Wage Garnishment Stopped and Released Today:
  1. While the IRS Tax Attorneys assigned to your case is calling the IRS, our IRS tax relief team will be faxing to the IRS the IRS Form 2848 (Power of Attorney). The IRS will be informed immediately that you have proper representation. You will never have to speak to the IRS gain.
  2. During our compliance call to the IRS, the IRS tax relief team will make sure that all of your tax returns have been filed and are current. Although our IRS Tax Attorneys have been successful at having a levy stopped when our client has missing tax returns, the IRS can and often times will refuse to work your tax case. The refusal by the IRS to work your case is leverage that the IRS will use to have a struggling taxpayer become compliant with the Income Tax Code. If you have missing tax returns, our experienced tax resolution will pull your transcripts and prepare and file your missing returns within days. Our certified tax preparers are expert at reconstructing tax returns should you have missing tax records.
  3. depending on how much you owe and whether or not a Revenue officer has been assigned to your case, the IRS may require that you file a current financial statement. You will complete a Financial Questionnaire for our IRS Tax Attorneys and from that information prepare your IRS Form 433-F or IRS Form 433-A (IRS Financial Statements). This information will be the basis for your IRS settlement.
  4. The IRS Tax Attorney assigned to your case will review with you, our client, the options available to you to settle your tax debt. The IRS requires a closing settlement to every case. Flat fee Tax Service, Inc. will get you the best settlement possible allowed by tax law.
Three (3) Types of IRS Tax Settlement Agreements:
  • Currently not Collectible or "hardship settlement" - A struggling taxpayer may be declared to be Currently not Collectible. Should you be "down on your luck" and are able to be declared a "hardship case," your case could go into a three (3) year suspended status. You do not have to be on welfare to be a hardship case. If you are a wage earner with limited income, a Social Security recipient or you are receiving a Veteran's pension, you may be Currently not Collectible. 
  • IRS Installment Agreement or Payment Plan - A taxpayer's case can be closed and settled by entering into an IRS Installment Agreement. We recommend that prior to entering into any payment plan with the IRS that you consult with our tax relief team first. Anyone can agree to pay back more than they should. Why would you agree to pay the IRS not only the tax owed but also penalties and interest? You really should see if you are eligible for the IRS Fresh Start initiative.
  • IRS Offer in Compromise (Tax Forgiveness) - The IRS has recently expanded the Fresh Start Initiative. Due to the terrible economic times that we are living in, the IRS has been forced to allow more taxpayers qualify to settle their tax debt for less. If you are struggling financially, you would be foolish not to pursue an IRS settlement through the filing of an Offer in Compromise. The rules and regulations are there to be taken advantage of. The IRS is offering you a fresh start if your settlement offer is done correctly and efficiently. Now is the time to get rid of your IRS debt.

There Are Three (3) Types of Offer in Compromise:
  1. Doubt as to Collectibility (You can't pay) - Doubt exists that you, the struggling taxpayer, could ever pay the full amount of your back tax debt. Many factors play a part in the formula for a doubt as to collectibility but it basically comes down to this: What is the present condition of the struggling taxpayer. Can it be documented? How fast can the IRS be paid the settled amount? In all honesty, the only type of Offer in Compromise you should be concerned with is "Doubt as to Collectibilty."
  2. Doubt as to the Liability of the Taxes - A "legitimate" doubt exists that the assessed tax debt is correct. If the examiner made an error, the examiner refused to see your evidence or the taxpayer has new evidence are the main reasons for a "Doubt as to Liability" Offer. 
  3. Effective Tax Administration - There is no doubt that the assessed tax is owed and correct and the IRS has a good chance of collecting the entire tax debt but an "exceptional" reason exists that would allow the IRS to accept an Offer in Compromise. To be eligible for an Effective Tax Administration settlement, you would have to show economic hardship and that the tax debt is unfair and inequitable. 
Concentrate on Doubt as to Collectibility





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