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The IRS Tax Relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. keeps our public informed with the latest IRS tax news and information that will help resolve your IRS problem and lower your back tax debt.

We feel that we offer a struggling taxpayer the best value and service when seeking out an IRS tax resolution company that will stop an IRS Levy, file all unfiled tax returns and settle a back tax debt through the IRS Fresh Start Offer in Compromise program.

  1. IRS Levy Release - Our affordable IRS help team has built its reputation on our ability to have an IRS levy stopped and released within 1 day. No tax resolution company can have an IRS levy or garnishment stopped and released faster than we can.
  2. Prepare and File all Unfiled Tax Returns - If you have been a non-filer and years and years of unfiled and delinquent tax returns, the IRS could refer you to Criminal Investigative Division. At the very minimum, the IRS will bury you in failure to file penalties. The IRS will prepare A Substitute for Return for every unfiled tax return that you have failed to file. A Substitute for Return is a tax assessment that gives the legal authority to the IRS to seize your assets which includes your paycheck and Social Security. Our IRS Tax Attorneys and Certified Tax Preparers will reconstruct your past due tax returns. Filing your tax returns is the first step in getting you a fresh start.
  3. IRS Installment Agreement - Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will negotiate a payment plan with the IRS, but only after our IRS Tax Attorneys have lowered your back tax debt to its lowest possible amount. Why would you agree to pay the IRS a monthly payment before your tax debt has been lowered. Any novice can agree to what the IRS dictates. It takes a savvy,  experienced tax professional to lower your tax debt.
  4. Offer in Compromise - The IRS has expanded its Offer in Compromise program to include more struggling taxpayers as well as lowering the settlement amount that is necessary to settle. The IRS Fresh Start Initiative is a program that every struggling taxpayer should look at. A taxpayer who is experiencing financial hardship can receive a fresh start. 
  5. Currently not Collectible - Your Flat Fee Tax Service team may determine that the best course of action is to have you declared to be Currently not Collectible. Having you placed in hardship status will stop all IRS enforcement action except the IRS will file a federal tax lien. The Statute of Limitations will continue to run out and it is possible that you will never pay anything toward your back tax debt.
  6. IRS Penalty Abatements - If you have a "reasonable cause" for not having paid your IRS tax debt, the penalties that have been assessed by the IRS may be waived or reversed. A "reasonable cause" could be a medical reason, divorce, natural catastrophe, substance abuse, bad tax advice, etc. 
  7. Innocent Spouse - You need to understand that receiving a favorable ruling for Innocent Spouse is nearly impossible. We recommend that you look at an Offer in Compromise or Penalty Abatement first.    
  8. Payroll Tax Resolution - Our IRS Tax Attorneys will help resolve your 94 / 941 tax issues. The IRS considers 940 / 941 payroll tax problems to be a breach of trust and will be very aggressive. Should you have unpaid 940 / 941's, most likely, a Revenue Officer will be assigned to your case and the IRS will go after every person who was a signatory on the company bank accounts. If you have 940 / 941 payroll tax problems, you will need an IRS Tax Attorney who has worked with the IRS Enforcement Division. 
  9. High Dollar IRS Tax Liabilities - If you owe the IRS a considerable amount (over $100,000) or have excessive unfiled tax returns, you should expect an IRS Revenue Officer to be assigned to you and your case. You will need an experienced IRS Tax Attorney to get between you and the IRS Revenue Officer.
The affordable IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. are highly skilled at working with the IRS, particularly the IRS Enforcement Division, as well as, state taxing authorities in resolving complex tax issues. The goal of Flat fee Tax Service, Inc. is not only to resolve and settle your IRS tax debt problem but also to work with you to make the necessary adjustments to keep it from happening to you again.

Our IRS Tax Attorneys have successfully negotiated against IRS penalties being assessed as well as prevented the seizure of personal and business assets. Stopping an IRS wage levy or garnishment is a routine matter for our tax resolution experts.


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