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If your owe the IRS back taxes, the IRS will garnish your wages and take your paycheck. The IRS will issue a wage garnishment (levy) and the IRS will then take nearly all of your paycheck. The IRS will send the enforcement order to your employer and will seize your paycheck.The economic hardship that the IRS will impose on you will be great.

If you are reading this and wonder if the IRS will garnish you, the answer is YES. Call the IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. for your free and confidential consultation. We will evaluate your IRS problem completely and we can step in immediately to stop an IRS wage garnishment.


The IRS will issue a Form 668(W), Notice of Levy on Wages, Salary and other income to your employer. Your employer is required to deduct a percentage of your wages / paycheck and will be ordered to turn those funds over to the IRS after each pay period. The wage garnishment is continuous which means that the garnishment (levy) will continue, if not stopped by a n IRS Tax Attorney, until the entire debt is paid in full. 

If you are a 1099 independent contractor, the garnishment will seize 100% of your income.


It is very important that you become pro-active when taking on the IRS. You need to work towards a complete resolution for your delinquent back tax debt. If you do not get a complete resolution, you will find yourself fighting off another wage garnishment in a matter of months.

IRS Settlement - Great News

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will have your IRS wage garnishment stopped and released in 1 day. Our tax help team has never failed to stop an IRS wage garnishment (levy). 

No need for you to be anxious and lay awake at night worrying about your paycheck. You can get IRS tax relief today. Call for your free and confidential consultation today. Find out how we will successfully resolve your IRS tax debt today.

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