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If you are on Social Security, Social Security Disability( SSDI) and you have unpaid back tax debt, the IRS can seize as little as fifteen (15%) per cent. The IRS can take more than the 15% by employing a Manual Levy order.

You do not have to suffer with a levy on your limited Social Security Benefits. You can have the IRS Levy stopped and released. Your next step is to settle your tax debt by preparing an Offer in Compromise.

It is easier to obtain an IRS settlement through the Offer in Compromise program. The IRS has announced changes to their Offer in Compromise program. The new changes are called the Fresh Start Initiative. The new IRS settlement changes have improved the likely hood of acceptance.

Don't take our word for this information. Take a look at an article by Forbes Magazine. The IRS has increased their Offer in Compromise settlements over the past 2 years and they continue to give financially struggling taxpayers a Fresh Start. 

An IRS Offer in Compromise is a settlement between the IRS and a taxpayer who has financial problems and a lack of significant income. You must be qualified and eligible to settle. To qualify for an IRS settlement, you must have filed all of the requisite tax returns, paid estimated taxes for the current year and deposited payroll taxes for the current quarter if you are a business owner.

The IRS says that an IRS Offer in Compromise settlement is a legitimate option if you cannot pay your tax liability. 

The IRS has a financial formula which includes:
  • Ability to pay.
  • Current Income.
  • Future Income.
  • Expenses.
  • Asset Equity.
If you have a limited income currently such as Social Security, it is most likely that your IRS tax debt will be settled. 



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