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An IRS Offer in Compromise will be granted to a financially struggling taxpayer when it is proven to the IRS that the taxpayer cannot pay their past due tax debt in full. Before the IRS settlement is approved, a taxpayer needs to show the IRS that they are eligible for an Offer in Compromise.

The IRS will go over a taxpayer's current financial condition which will determine whether or not you can pay the IRS for the back tax that is past due. The IRS will check if you have fulfilled your tax filing requirements.


If you are currently in an open Bankruptcy that has not been Dismissed or Discharged, you must wait for the completion of your Bankruptcy to file your Offer in Compromise settlement. You assess your eligibility for an IRS settlement by calling Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. for your free and confidential consultation.

Once a financially struggling taxpayer knows that he or she is qualified for an IRS settlement, he/she will need to submit the necessary package to the IRS. An Offer in Compromise is not a back and forth negotiation. Your Offer in Compromise is based on a financial formula. When you Offered settlement is accepted by the IRS, you will need to pay the agreed upon amount. The IRS will give flexible payment options to taxpayers who cannot pay their settlement in a lump sum.

IRS tax relief teams, like Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., are often availed whenever a taxpayer cannot handle their tax debts any longer. The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will negotiate your tax issues with the IRS. 

  1. Stop an IRS Wage Levy in 1 Day.
  2. Prepare and file your unfiled tax returns. (You must be Compliant)
  3. Prepare your IRS Offer in Compromise settlement.
Individual taxpayers should have an experienced IRS tax team handle their particular tax debt problem(s). If you are in need of IRS tax help, it is helpful to ask for recommendations from your family, friends and/or workmates. 

Check online for reviews and complaints. See if the tax resolution company that you are considering is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Seeking the opinion of others can be beneficial in determining the best professional suitable to your budget. Always consider your needs and your budget whenever you decide to resolve your IRS tax problem.

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