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The Offer in Compromise program is the only way to actually settle your past due IRS tax debt.On any given day of the week, there are more than twenty (20) million taxpayers who owe the IRS money and face enforcement actions by the IRS. Enforcement means the following: levies on wages and other financial assets, seizure of autos. The favorite seizure method for the IRS is the wage levy (garnishment) and bank levy.

Should you owe the IRS money, the IRS will add crippling penalties as well as interest which will make it impossible to pay the amount owed.

This brings us to an IRS program called an Offer in Compromise. The IRS has expanded the Offer in Compromise settlement program and it is called the "Fresh Start Initiative." There may never be a better time to settle your past due tax debt.

An IRS Offer in Compromise is not a basketball game with constant action. It actually is more like "watching paint dry." It is not a haggling type of settlement. An IRS settlement is based on a financial formula.

The IRS has formal procedures for the submission of a offered settlement and in evaluating an Offer in Compromise. This financial formula is based on many factors which includes your current ability to pay your tax debt as well as your future ability. 



During the Offer in Compromise process you are protected from IRS wage levies (garnishments) as well as IRS wage levies. If you are in need of IRS tax relief and settlement of your IRS tax debt, pick up your phone and call our IRS tax relief team.

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At Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., our IRS tax relief team will prepare, negotiate and submit your Offer in Compromise settlement. Our experienced IRS Tax Attorneys stand up for you and we work directly with the IRS so that you will not have to.

As our company name states, we work on a Flat Fee basis. Your fee will take you from start to finish. There will be no hidden fees and absolutely no surprises. Our IRS tax relief team will evaluate your IRS problems and prepare your Offer in Compromise.


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