Missing Tax Returns - Unfiled Tax Returns - Flat Fee Tax Service Has Inside Secrets

If you have not filed you taxes for years and you lack your records (1099's, W-2's etc.) necessary to file your delinquent tax returns, you no longer have a need to worry. The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has the experience, knowledge and expertise to create and prepare your past tax returns in a matter of days

One (1) of our clients had not filed his tax returns in forty (40) years. That's right. 40 years. Another client had not filed his tax returns since 1993. Both of these individual taxpayers called Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. because the IRS was levying them. Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. knows what needs to done to get you compliant and how to fix your IRS problem. AND WE WORK QUICKLY.

You should be worried and concerned about the IRS coming after you for unfiled tax returns. It is against the law not to file your tax returns. It is not against the law to owe the IRS money. Now the chances are the IRS will not throw you in jail for non-filing. However, if you have not filed your tax returns, you have forfeited your rights.

This means that the IRS can do just about anything that they want. You are unable, on your own, to stop a levy. You cannot even get the IRS to accept a installment agreement.

When you have not filed your tax returns and a 1099, W-2, bank information (or other device) has been reported on you, the IRS will create a debt by use of a Substitute for Return. 


A Substitute for Return (SFR) is a device that allows the IRS to enforce collection. The IRS will place you in the highest tax bracket, allow you no deductions and then proceed to pile on penalties.

The IRS tax relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. will appeal the SFR's and prepare your tax returns. This will reduce the amount of tax debt that the IRS claims that you owe. Your tax returns will be prepare properly by our able tax team. Our tax debt experts will order your records from the IRS.

It does not matter as to why your tax returns have not been filed. The solution to your problem is to have them prepared now.

The IRS will catch up to you, make no mistake about it. The IRS may send you an automated letter from the Automated Collection System (ACS) or the IRS may assign a Revenue Officer which will complicate matters. An IRS Revenue Officer will be aggressive. You do not want an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to your case.

It will be best to have experienced IRS tax representation. Once your tax returns are filed, you will still have to resolve your tax debt. If you cannot pay your tax debt, you may be eligible to be declared Currently not Collectible or you may be able to settle your tax debt through the Offer in Compromise program.


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