IRS Fresh Start Initiative Provides Taxpayers With IRS Settlement - Flat Fee Tax Service Gives You That Hope

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative is an expansion of the Offer in Compromise settlement program. The Fresh Start Initiative allows more taxpayers, who are struggling financially, to settle their IRS back tax debt.


The IRS Fresh Start Initiative is different from the original Offer in Compromise program in that it uses a new standard of analysis to determine who are qualified and are eligible to settle with the IRS for "pennies on the dollar." The IRS Fresh Start settlement changes are:
  • The IRS revised calculations for a taxpayer's future income.
  • Allowing a taxpayer to repay their student loans. This was previously prohibited.
  • Allowing taxpayers to pay delinquent state and local taxes. This was previously prohibited.
  • Expanding what the IRS calls: Allowable Expenses.

The IRS Offer in Compromise program is a settlement agreement between the IRS and a financially struggling taxpayer that settles the back tax liability of a taxpayer for less than the full amount owed. A taxpayer is required to apply for the IRS settlement in the appropriate manner. The IRS will be closely looking at the taxpayers paperwork so that the IRS can reject the Offer in Compromise submission. The IRS calls this rejection as "unprocessible." The IRS will not tell a taxpayer what kind of error was made and the taxpayer will have to start over from scratch.

The IRS has a complicated formula to determine what a taxpayer's settlement should be. The help and assistance of an experienced IRS Tax Attorney is essential. You need an IRS tax relief team that knows the "in and outs" of IRS tax problem resolution.


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