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Are you a financially struggling taxpayer who is drowning in debt? Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has been guiding struggling taxpayers through the Offer in Compromise program. 90% of our clients have had their IRS tax debt settled by the IRS for less.

Do You Need to submit an Offer in Compromise to settle your IRS tax debt?

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative is a powerful program in our IRS tax relief tool kit. When the Offer in Compromise is drafted correctly, your settlement can result in in significantly reducing your back tax debt. Not every one is eligible and qualified so you will need to call us for a free and confidential consultation.

An IRS Offer in Compromise is evaluated on a case by case basis.

Every financially struggling taxpayer's situation is different. However, they do have one (1) thing in common: 

You do not have have the ability to pay the IRS.

The IRS has a complicated formula to determine what a taxpayer can pay. The IRS will not share this information with an individual taxpayer. 

You will be required to provide a complete financial picture that proves that you lack the ability to pay the IRS. If you try and negotiate an Offer in Compromise, you will most likely fail. You will more than likely make admissions that make your position withe the IRS worse than it was. You may also fail to include information that is advantageous to your ability to settle with the IRS.

You should be very hesitant of any IRS tax resolution company that requires that you pay a significant amount of money before they thoroughly examine your individual financial situation. 

It doesn't matter if you owe the IRS $10,000 or $90,000. The amount of professional labor hours required to prepare your Offer in Compromise is the same. That is the reason that the IRS Tax Relief team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. can charge the low and affordable fees that we do.

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