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Financially struggling taxpayers in San Antonio and throughout the great State of Texas, who have an overdue income tax debt, have options when being confronted with an IRS levy. An IRS levy or garnishment is an enforcement action that the IRS will use to seize  a taxpayers wages and/or bank account.

Taxpayers, even though they may have a past due income tax debt, have rights. Although the IRS will not inform the taxpayers of their rights, there steps that can be taken to save a taxpayers paycheck. The IRS has rules that they must abide by.

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in having an IRS levy, stopped, released and removed. 

  • Our IRS Tax Attorneys can have your IRS levy stopped, released and removed in one day.
  • Our IRS income tax relief team can have all of your unfiled tax returns prepared and filed correctly.
  • Our IRS income tax resolution team will determine if you can be declared to Currently not Collectible. If you are eligible, our IRS tax relief team will advise you of the pros and cons in being Currently not Collectible.
  • Our IRS income tax relief experts will determine if you are qualified and eligible to settle your IRS income tax debt through the Offer in Compromise promise program.
Before a taxpayer, who has an income tax debt, agrees to any payment plan / installment agreement with the IRS, they should consult with a professional IRS tax relief specialist. The IRS has many rules and regulations regarding income tax debt:

  1. If a taxpayer owes less than $10,000, the IRS will not settle the income tax debt.
  2. If the taxpayer owes less than $25,000, the IRS may not ask for a full financial from the tax debtor before agreeing to an installment agreement / payment plan.
  3. If a taxpayer owes more than $25,000, the IRS will require that a complete financial Form 433-F be completed before agreeing to an IRS payment plan. 
  4. If a taxpayer owes more than $50,000 the IRS rules for collection change again.
The taxpayer needs to be aware that Federal Tax Liens can be avoided. Even though a taxpayer can do their own IRS negotiation, we do not recommend it. The IRS will not tell you what your options are. The IRS is not obligated to inform you of your options. You think that entered a "good deal" and you may end up overpaying. You may end up with a Federal Income Tax Lien when it was unnecessary.




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