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At Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., nearly every one of our wage garnishment clients have their garnishments stopped, removed, lifted and released in one (1) day. The only exception to that rule is when our client has an IRS Revenue Officer assigned to their income tax problem. Should a financially struggling taxpayer find themselves in the unfortunate position of having an IRS Revenue Officer, you can be sure that all of your tax returns necessary to be compliant are filed and that you have completed a full financial (433-F). These conditions will push the release of a levy back three (3) or four (4) days.

The IRS Tax Attorneys that work for you, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., have many years of experience in having a wage garnishment stopped, removed, lifted and released. Our IRS income tax relief team specializes in understanding precisely how the IRS works and the documentation needed to resolve our clients income tax problem.

In most cases, IRS wage garnishments and IRS levies will be stopped in one (1) business day, if done correctly. The IRS will garnish your paycheck or bank account as a lat resort. The wage garnishment is the most lethal weapon that the IRS has to enforce collection. A wage garnishment will leave the taxpayer financially devastated which is all the more reason to have an experienced IRS tax professional on your side.

The first action our team will enact on your behalf is to contact the IRS by phone and inform the IRS that you have a Tax Attorney. We will file the Power of Attorney (2848 Form) by faxing it over while we have the IRS on the phone. This is called a "compliance call." Your team of IRS tax relief professionals will find out if you are in compliance. Being "in compliance" means that all of your tax returns have been filed.

Our Tax Attorneys have been very successful at having IRS wage garnishments stopped, removed, lifted and released prior to having our clients made compliant. 



Be advise, if you decide to contact the IRS on your own, you need to be extremely cautious. Prior to the IRS providing a taxpayer with any compliance information, the IRS WILL INTERROGATE YOU. The IRS will want to know the bank accounts that you have. The IRS will want to know what income and assets you have. This is one of the main reasons why you should not contact the IRS on your own. An IRS Tax Attorney DOES NOT have to release that personal information to the IRS. 

Everything that happens with the IRS is determined by the IRS computers which is called the Automated Collection System (ACS). Depending on what the Automated Collection System says, a taxpayer may have to file the last six (6) years of income tax returns. The IRS may want to go back 15 years depending the severity of the tax problem. It is imperative that the IRS be contacted as quickly as possible.

Should there be compliance problems, the IRS will inform your Tax Attorney what tax years need to be filed. It is important to get these missing tax returns prepared and filed. DO NOT MAIL THOSE MISSING RETURNS. If you mail the missing tax returns in, the IRS may conveniently LOSE THEM. If the IRS "loses" your tax returns, the IRS can continue to garnish your wages.

When the IRS has determined that the taxpayer is compliant, a decision will need to made regarding the resolution of the income tax debt.

  1. Enter into an Installment Agreement. If you enetr into a payment plan, you will agree to pay the tax debt, penalties and interest.
  2. Be declared Currently not Collectible. Being Currently not Collectible means that the IRs has determined that the taxpayer cannot make payments on their income tax debt. The down side is, the taxpayer will have a Federal Income Tax Lien filed. This will affect your credit.
  3. Settle your IRS income tax debt through the Offer in Compromise program. If you are Currently not Collectible, take the extra step and settle with the IRS. At the end of the Offer in Compromise process, you will not have a Tax Lien and you will start received your tax refunds.
The knows that ninety per cent (90%) of all income tax cases will cause an economic hardship on the taxpayer if confronted with a wage garnishment. If the IRS Tax Attorneys at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. contact the IRS, the wage garnishment should be stopped, removed, lifetd and released within a couple of hours. 

If a taxpayer tries to stop the wage garnishment on their own, the IRS will drag it's feet and stall. The IRs knows that the taxpayer does not know what their rights are and will squeeze the taxpayer until "they cry uncle." Our IRS Tax Attorneys will force the IRS to comply with their regulations and rules.

Our IRS Tax Attorneys may also have our client declared to be a hardship and the wage garnishment will be released immediately. A hardship is when the wage garnishment is causing immediate risk to housing, transportation or food expenses.



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