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The latest numbers from the IRS states the IRS issued 3.6 million levy notices. The IRS is very serious about their enforcement collection of overdue income tax debts. When a taxpayer ignores the IRS notices that have been sent, the IRS will use the IRS process to seize assets to pay off overdue income tax debt. An "asset" can be a house, cars, boats, savings accounts and your paycheck. Even Social Security, Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Veteran's Pension can be subject to IRS seizure.



The "Great News" from the IRS income tax relief team, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is this: Our Emergency IRS Levy Release Team will protect our client's rights and have their IRS wage garnishment stopped, removed, lifted and released in one (1) day. The exception to that rule is if an IRS Revenue Officer has been assigned to your case. If a Revenue Officer has been assigned, you should expect a three (3) or four (4) day delay.

The Emergency IRS Levy Response Team, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., will start the process to save your paycheck immediately upon being retained. That means we start the same day. We do not wait to initiate action. 

Our IRS income tax relief team will negotiate with the IRS and get the very best solution possible. Possible solutions are:
  1. IRS Settlement through the Offer in Compromise program. You may very well be eligible and qualified to settle with the IRS. Find out if you can settle.
  2. Currently not Collectible - You may be able to stop paying the IRS for your overdue income tax debt. The downsize is the IRS will file a Federal Income Tax Lien. The upside is the Statute of Limitations will continue to run out while you do not make payments.
  3. Get into an IRS Installment Agreement that you can live with. Our income tax relief team will get you the lowest possible payment plan.
The Emergency IRS Levy Response Team, at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., will use IRS law to your advantage having the wage garnishment stopped, removed, lifted and released based on the wage levy creating a hardship.

When the IRS seizes your bank account, it may seem bad, but it is "small potatoes" compared to the IRS seizing your paycheck through a garnishment. Most of your paycheck will be handed over to the IRS. If you get a paycheck the IRS will take most of it and leave you with very little. If you are a 1099 contractor, the IRS will take 100% of your earnings. 

If you do NOTHING, the IRS will continue to take your money until the income tax debt, the penalties and the interest are paid in full. 

Prior to the levy, the IRS will send certified mail to the taxpayer. The taxpayer may or may not have received the mail. The IRS has no obligation to ensure that the taxpayer received the levy notices. 

The SMART MOVE is to contact the Emergency IRS Levy Relief Team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. immediately. Is your paycheck important to you?


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