IRS Settlement - Are You Qualified - Find Out What The IRS Does Not Want You To Know

Your IRS Settlement Options

In an ideal world, the IRS income debt you have would be eligible for an IRS settlement. Unfortunately, though, an IRS settlement can be elusive and, in some cases, not possible to obtain. However, if you are struggling financially, you may be eligible to settle with the IRS for less than you presently owe for past due income taxes.

Currently, the IRS is accepting approximately 42% of the Offer in Compromise submissions that they receive. 

The Tax Lawyers at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. prepare their IRS Offer in Compromise have had a 95% success rate. Our team will let you know right away if you are eligible and qualified for an IRS Fresh Start.

The main option available to you is the IRS Offer in Compromise program. Also, there are IRS settlement companies that may offer to negotiate such an offer for you for a fee. Whether you’re dealing with the IRS directly or you’re considering professional assistance, there are a few critical details to keep in mind.

How to Settle With IRS Agents

Technically, you can handle just about any tax issue yourself. We would not recommend it. The IRS will not be telling you that you did a great job of representing yourself. The IRS will not be "high five-ing you" or giving you a "way to go big guy." The IRS agents are professionals. You are not.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that you want to figure out how to settle with the IRS. You’ll first need to download the appropriate forms from and review them carefully.

When you request an IRS settlement agreement, there are few things you’ll be asked to provide. You’ll need to complete a detailed income and expense analysis, which itemizes your revenue streams as well as your monthly bills. This is significant because by providing such information, you’re giving the IRS a precise idea of your financial resources and which expenses may or may not be considered essential.




When going up against the IRS, be sure to have an experienced IRS Tax Lawyer. Be sure that the IRS tax settlement company providing you with IRS protection is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Be sure that they have an A Plus Rating. 

Google the IRS settlement company that you want to represent you for client complaints. If an IRS settlement company wants too much money to represent you, hang on to your wallet. Also, if the IRS settlement company that you are considering wants an unbelievably low amount of fees, stay away. 

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