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An IRS Revenue Officer is one of the last people you want appearing on your doorstep. Armed with an extensive arsenal of collection weapons, such as liens, levies, garnishments, and seizures, IRS Revenue Officers have all the means to make you pay unpaid taxes. Financial stress, however, is not the only problem at hand, as the IRS Revenue Officer can also contact your neighbors, relatives and colleagues, causing public humiliation.

How Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. Can Help

The best IRS help team at Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. understand that every taxpayer’s issue is unique. Our IRS help team will follow a collaborative approach to create a customized plan of action for every client. Our IRS help team, led by an IRS Tax Attorney, has in depth discussions with clients to understand your unique issues, and the dynamics at play, such as your income, financial obligations, pending liabilities, and other such factors. Based on the information gathered, we create a holistic plan to help you get your IRS problem addressed.


Why Choose Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc.?

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. has a team of widely experienced associates. We are the go-to destination for IRS Revenue Officer assistance. Our IRS Tax Attorney(s) have successfully handled exceedingly diverse and complex cases of unpaid taxes, negotiating favorable resolutions with IRS Revenue Officers on behalf of our clients. Our goal is to always secure the best IRS resolution that suits our clients’ prerequisites and complies with the Internal Revenue Code. 

Other attributes that set Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. apart include:
Comprehensive Expertise
Streak of Successful Representations
No-obligation Free Consultation
Affordable Fees
Undivided Focus
Better Business Bureau Accredited
A Plus Better Business Bureau Rating
No Client Complaints

Do You Need IRS Revenue Officer Help?

Do You Need To Be Protected From The IRS?

If an IRS Revenue Officer has come to your home or business, you need immediate help. Do not waste any time because you have no time to waste. 


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