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When And Why Would You Need An IRS Tax Attorney 

The Inside Story

What can it mean if your name comes up before the IRS, a very, very powerful agency? Do I need an IRS tax lawyer? When you have IRS tax problems, it is very important to handle that very carefully. IRS tax matters are very crucial and sensitive issue and a slight mistake in the process can cost you very dearly in the form of loss of money, time, can get you frustrated and may land you in jail. The tax laws and the legalities involved in the process of tax settlement of your IRS taxes can be very complex and you may not understand it at all.

There would be many questions pounding your mind at this stage such as:

1. Should I hire an IRS tax lawyer if I am facing an IRS audit?

2. Is hiring an IRS tax attorney expensive?

3. When should I hire an IRS tax attorney to represent me in my IRS tax debt dispute?

4. Can I Really Settle my Tax Debt with the IRS for Pennies on the Dollar?

5. Should I "lawyer up" and Hire an IRS Tax Attorney?

In this article, you will get all your questions answered.

When you want to save yourself and your business from IRS tax penalties, interest and possibly criminal actions (including jail terms), it is best to hire an expert in tax representation, who will be able to handle your situation better. An IRS tax lawyer will know how to protect you and they know what to do in different situations. An IRS tax attorney has the expertise to devise a specific plan of action for your case and follow it for implementation. IRS tax lawyers are trained, licensed and experienced to handle the technicalities involved in the tax resolution and settlement process.
Reasons to Hire an IRS Tax Attorney

Reason One – Exemption from testifying

If you are in trouble with the IRS only an IRS tax attorney can give you the attorney-client privilege. Why is the attorney-client privilege important for tax law cases? Easy – your IRS tax attorney is exempt from testifying against you. That’s right, should your tax liability case go to trial, and you have chosen to work with a CPA or tax preparer for help, your CPA could actually be made to testify against you!

Reason Two – The Need to Make the Right Decisions

Only an IRS tax lawyer will have the experience in achieving tax settlements. While a CPA doesn't do tax settlements on a daily basis. A CPA may be familiar with some tax settlement programs, but they will not have a full understanding of the ins and outs of the various programs. Tax law and the tax code is complex and many times change yearly. In addition, there are many programs available a troubled taxpayer can use to settle or reduce the amount of tax liability owed but only an experienced IRS tax attorney will know how to qualify you and to determine both the best program to use. Being under collections process from the IRS is a dangerous time and the wrong advice can cost you dearly. Do not take any chances with your financial future, hire an IRS tax attorney and get IRS Tax Relief.

Give Yourself a Fighting Chance - Hire an IRS Tax Attorney

When should I Hire an IRS Tax Attorney?

Needing to hire an IRS tax attorney probably means you are in some hot water with the IRS for one reason or another. The IRS tax attorney you choose can either correct the problem or make it a million times worse. This is why certain questions need to be asked before you hire the attorney. You want to make sure you have someone knowledgeable, truthful and working for you, and not against, on your side. Find the IRS tax attorney who is going to cool that hot water for you.

The IRS will give your deadlines where issues must be resolved to avoid further penalties and the poor lines of communication with the IRS do not help in the resolution of your issues. If the IRS ignores your attempts to correct the mistakes, it is time to contact an IRS tax attorney. An IRS tax lawyer will draft your letters to the IRS in a more direct way that is guaranteed to get the IRS’s attention. Additionally, most IRS tax attorneys have direct contact information for the necessary branches of the IRS where matters should be handled and can negotiate matters over the phone instead of through writing, effectively ending the communication issues.


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