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Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc. is a tax relief advocacy firm comprised of IRS Tax Attorneys and accredited tax specialists with 60 plus years of combined experience.

Our tax relief team is absolutely committed to reaching the most timely and favorable IRS resolution possible, for each and every one of our clients. The success of our firm, our reputation, and our A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau, is a testament to the value and effectiveness of the tax relief services we provide, and to our passion for protecting taxpayer rights.

Our IRS Tax Attorneys take a sincere, personal interest in every client. At Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., we take the extra time to familiarize you with our team, and protect your Taxpayer Bill of Rights throughout the entire tax relief process. We will openly communicate with you along the way, to ensure each of the necessary steps are taken, and that the appropriate documentation is completed and submitted properly.

One Solution for All Your IRS Tax Relief Needs

Taking on the IRS is a very serious matter. Selecting an experienced tax relief company, with an established track record for success is critical. At Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., our knowledgeable, experienced staff of accredited, Tax Lawyers have successfully handled countless volumes of appeals. Whether you are in need of a tax penalty abatement, an IRS settlement through the Offer in Compromise program, or need an IRS Garnishment stopped and released, we have the expertise to identify the right course of action, based on your particular circumstances.

A full-service tax relief team, Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., is proud to serve as your tax resolution solution specialists. We’ve been in the business of providing expert support to clients with a broad range of complex tax issues since 2010. We handle all types of Federal tax matters, including appeals, delinquent returns.

In most cases, our IRS Tax Attorneys can alleviate the financial and emotional burden resulting from IRS tax problems by reaching a successful resolution through strategic negotiations with the IRS.

A Vital Resource

At Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., our tax relief team interacts with the IRS on a daily basis; it’s what we do. As a result, we are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of resolving tax liabilities. Our expertise ensures that every possible recourse provided to taxpayers under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights will be available to help protect your hard-earned assets.

Our vast experience resolving Federal tax matters ensures that you achieve the best possible outcome in the most timely manner. We’ll never leave you in the dark, either. We will continue to advise and guide you until your IRS tax problem is completely resolved, keeping you informed on your situation through the entire tax relief process.

Our IRS Tax Attorneys Smash IRS Tax Debt

A Comprehensive List of IRS Tax Relief Services

No matter what course of tax relief action your circumstances dictate, we have the experience and expertise to execute it with the highest degree of efficiency. Whether pursuing a penalty abatement, innocent or injured spouse relief, an IRS Offer in Compromise, is in your best interests, our representation ensures the best possible outcome. At your free, no-obligation consultation, we will design a unique tax relief plan, tailored to meet your unique needs. Our IRS Tax Attorneys will protect every available dollar in your recovery plan and ensure your taxpayer rights are upheld throughout the entire recovery process.

Facing an IRS Tax Lien, or IRS Garnishment?

Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., can often reach a successful resolution, negotiating a settlement with the IRS. Qualified taxpayers may be eligible to settle with the IRS through an IRS Offer in Compromise, or a penalty abatement, settling the debt at a fraction of the original amount.


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